Our swimming lessons run with the school term which is generally a 10 week term.


Intensive Learn to Swim and Stroke Correction classes are conducted during most school holiday periods.  These programs are ideal for increasing confidence or improving skills as they are practiced on a daily basis.  Regular instruction leads to faster progress. 


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GOLDFISH Parent & Child Water Confidence - 30 minute class

This class caters for infants, 4 mths - 3 years.  Lessons involve parent & child interaction.  The program is designed to gain water awareness & confidence.  Children learn to relax & enjoy the water in a playful & positive atmosphere.  Patience, practice & repetition will assist their development & help them to progress to pre-school Learn to Swim.

SEAHORSES Pre-School Learn to Swim - 30 minute class

These lessons cater for infants, 2 - 5 years who are water confident & can interact in class situations.  Children learn kick, stroke & breathing techniques, water safety skills - progressing to freestyle.  Regular practice improves confidence, co-ordination, strength & skill.

STARFISH  School Age Learn to Swim - 30 minute class

The classes cater for all abilities from beginners to advanced.   Children learn water safety skills, breathing techniques, stroke development, progressing through to Freestyle & Backstroke.

TADPOLES  Development Class - 30 minute class

The aim is to learn all strokes & improve breathing & stamina, increase confidence & develop a team that can work together & progress through to squad level. 

SWORDFISH  Transition Class - 30 minute class

Instructor fine-tunes all strokes, improving technique & fitness to prepare students for the 25m pool.




Level 1 - Mackerals    Transition 2         30 min squad

Level 2 - Dolphins      Mini Squad          45 min squad

Level 3 - Marlins        Junior Squad         1 hour squad

Level 4 -Sharks         Advanced Squad   1 hour squad