... the classic way of keeping fit ... with so many benefits & becoming increasingly
popular amongst all ages & gender....all levels of fitness...

Although generally more low-impact than land-based aerobics, these classes have the most of the fat burning and endurance-building benefits that you get from other forms of aerobic activity. Aqua activites in general will expend more energy than land-based activites because water provides 13 times more resistance than air. Water offers resistance in all directions as compared to land exercises where you work only against gravity.

Classes run for 45 minutes & include the use of a variety of equipment - dumbbells, noodles & hand weights to get you working even harder, keeping each class fun and different.

Main Benefits:

  • All fitness levels - beginners to advanced
  • Great for weight loss/fat burning
  • Excellent cardio-respiratory exercise
  • Increased aerobic endurance
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Greater flexibility
  • Perfect post/pre natal exercise
  • Less stress on joints

So what are you waiting for? Come along with a friend or
family member for your first FREE class to see what all the
fun’s about and discover the benefits of aqua fitness!

For class times see Timetable or for more information contact Kiara Lawson, Aqua Fitness Co-ordinator and Instructor on 4946 6199.

Other Benefits :

  • High calorie burning during/after workout
  • Renews energy levels as it releases stress & tension
  • Hate the idea of jumping around in a room full of people in tight gym clothes? exercising underwater is a great alternative!
  • Exercising in the water requires you to support 80% of your body weight, making exercises easier to perform, feeling much lighter with less stress on the body
  • With water continually moving around you, you won’t feel over-heated and sweaty
  • Aqua Fitness has been shown to help during labor. According to a study published recently in the journal Reproductive Health, a course of water aerobics classes done by sedentary and low risk pregnant women has been shown to reduce the amount of pain-killing medication women request during labor.



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